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Le Groupe Lorelai est spécialisé dans le conseil en investissement immobilier et financier. Plus de 200 personnes à votre service dans tous les domaines qui touchent notre activité : Juristes, experts comptables, avocats fiscalistes, avocats spécialistes en droit de l’urbanisme, commerciaux, assistantes administratives et commerciales, architectes, maîtres d’oeuvre, responsables techniques, responsables financiers etc... L’ADN du groupe LORELAI est: Accompagner chaque client dans son projet en toute sécurité. Forts de plus de 25 années d’expérience dont une dizaine en Espagne, nous maîtrisons tous les aspects de votre projet tant en droit français qu’en droit espagnol.

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Build and manage your estate

Invest in quality properties according to RE2020 standards with the prospect of high benefit.


Ecological investment guaranteed with no risk of capital loss or illiquidity.

Our financial guarantees

2 of the largest insurance companies in the World guarantee your investment.

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You can find more information on our 4 websites.

Our Group

The LORELAÏ group, an expertise from many years

A team of more than 100 specialists at your disposal at each stage of your project.

«To talk about yourself, you have to be blameless in every aspect» S. PAILLE.


We give you advice in financial and real estate investments.


Environmental responsible real estate promoter. Very high quality and "BEPOS" certified passive housing. For all budgets.


Construction company at the service of Maïna Promotions. No subcontracting.

A decisive choice

Why choose us?

More than 35 years of experience have brought us proficiency and expertise.
Our motto: Rightness and quality benefit to our customers.

Two of the biggest insurance companies in the world such as AXA and ALLIANZ trust us by granting financial guarantees of more than 10 million euros.

If they trust us, why not you?

Une équipe de professionnels

A team of professionals

Un financement participatif


Assurances Allianz & Axa

ALLIANZ and AXA insurances

Une rentabilité ouverte  à tous

Profitability open to all

Rentabilité garantie Nette d'Impôts

Guaranteed profitability net of tax

Des contrats qui sécurisent

Contract that secure


Concrete eco-responsible projects

“Our planet is burning and we are looking elsewhere.” Jacques Chirac

Economy is trending up again

Why invest in Spain?

Evolution of real estate prices in Spain (in %)

Before the 2008 crisis, the Spanish real estate market was abnormally increasing. Boosted by credit, prices have boomed. After the crisis started, prices have dropped tremendously. The rules for granting credit by a reorganization of bank’s bad debt have stabilized prices, which have returned to a stable upward trend.

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Jean-Jacques Gilbert

Professionals and French lawyers specialized in Spanish real estate law. Finance and wealth advisors, they are ideal for French people who wish to be assisted by professionals, from French and Spanish law. We feel completely safe.

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Johann Klein

Great real estate and tax law professionals. In our project to settle in Spain, all the steps have been successfully performed from A to Z… Great advice and a very warm family. To recommend and trust without hesitation. Thanks again for everything!

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Michel Latreille

I dealt with LORELAÏ to purchase an apartment at Alicante, and to create an estate company with my children. They advised me perfectly, and they answer all my questions still today. I enjoy my apartment under the sun, and they manage everything. Thank you.

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