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Le Groupe Lorelai est spécialisé dans le conseil en investissement immobilier et financier. Plus de 200 personnes à votre service dans tous les domaines qui touchent notre activité : Juristes, experts comptables, avocats fiscalistes, avocats spécialistes en droit de l’urbanisme, commerciaux, assistantes administratives et commerciales, architectes, maîtres d’oeuvre, responsables techniques, responsables financiers etc... L’ADN du groupe LORELAI est: Accompagner chaque client dans son projet en toute sécurité. Forts de plus de 25 années d’expérience dont une dizaine en Espagne, nous maîtrisons tous les aspects de votre projet tant en droit français qu’en droit espagnol.

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 Qu’est-ce que le numéro d’identification fiscale ?

What is the tax identification number ("NIE")?

This is one of the first questions you will ask when you move to Spain. In short, the “NIE” is a tax identification number for foreigners that identifies you to the Spanish tax authorities. It allows you to declare and pay your taxes in Spain.

Why do you need a “NIE”?

The “NIE” is required for any activity that obliges you, as a non-resident in Spain, to pay taxes. The TIN does not exclude your tax residence. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the reasons why you will need a “NIE”:

  • - Buy or sell property;
  • - Rent a property;
  • - Connect a property to water, gas and electricity;
  • - Inherit assets in Spain;
  • - Open a bank account;
  • - Subscribe to an insurance;
  • Import/ buy/ sell a car;
  • Import/ buy / sell a boat;
  • Work in Spain (temporary jobs of less than 3 months only);
  • - Study in Spain;
  • - Apply for benefits;
  • - Get a mortgage or any other type of personal credit;
  • He can be used for the census at the Town Hall;
  • - Some elite foreign private schools require the TIN from parents and/or new (foreign) students for enrolment form.

Who needs a “NIE”?

  • - Any foreigner who becomes a tax resident in Spain;
  • - Any non-resident who plans to own assets in Spain such as real estate, a car, a boat…;
  • - Any foreigner who plans to work, study or set up a business in Spain.

What does a “NIE” look like?

The “NIE” is issued by the National Police on a standard A4 sheet of paper, which also includes your names, first name, date of birth and nationality. For example: Y-12345678-R.

How to apply for a “NIE”?

  1. 1. Apply it from your country in person, by going to a Spanish Consulate;
  2. 2. Apply in person in Spain at a Spanish National Police Station or the foreigners’ offices (Oficina de Extranjería);
  3. 3. Apply through a representative. You can designate a law firm to act on your behalf through a specific power of attorney for the “NIE”.

What is required to obtain a “NIE”?

  • - A passport;
  • - Complete the application form in Spanish;
  • - Pay the administration fee;
  • - Justify why you need it. For example, with an employment contract.
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